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What Exactly is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found primarily in the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant. It’s one of the many powerful cannabinoids found in hemp. It’s known for supporting the body and mind in various ways.

Okay… but, how does CBD work exactly?

Cannabinoids, or phytocannabinoids (phyto = plant in Greek) are capable of interacting with the body and brain through the body’s very own endocannabinoid system (let’s call it ECS). Yes, our bodies has a system specifically to break down CBD and other cannabinoids. While THC and other cannabinoids act directly on the cannabinoid receptors in the ECS, CBD has a slightly different nature.

The ECS is a complex network of cell receptors and neurotransmitters that are responsible for maintaining homeostasis in the body. Cannabinoid receptors are spread throughout the entire body, with largest concentrations in the central and peripheral nervous systems, and in the immune system. The ECS improves the communication between all those systems.

The ECS also controls a wide range of biological functions, including sleep, mood, temperature control, immune response, pain and pleasure perception, fertility, memory, and appetite. Whenever something wrong happens with your health, the ECS will release its natural cannabinoids (endocannabinoids) to restore the balance and bring you up and about.

Sometimes, however, the ECS can’t catch up with the damage, which can be the cause of serious chronic conditions, according to some researchers.

What are the benefits of taking CBD?

Among the many benefits that our users experience, some of the main ones are: a sense of calm and focus; relief from everyday stresses; help in recovery from exercise-induced inflammation; and support for maintaining healthy sleep cycles. We’ll dive deeper on the benefits below.

Will I get “high”?

Nope. Not at all. Most products on the market are allowed to be sold with less than 0.3% THC or none at all. After all, THC is the the chemical compound found in marijuana known to make you high.

As there are sooo many benefits of taking CBD, you have to figure out which product is right for you and why you’re taking it. There are so many health claims from companies claiming that CBD cures all. Although CBD does have a lot of benefits, you have to know which products to choose. For instance, if you’re having trouble sleeping, it might be beneficial to take a 50mg tincture of full-spectrum or broad spectrum CBD oil before bed. Taken orally, this amount is sure to knock you out. However, if you’re suffering from pain, a topical solution might be better. See our favorite CBD topicals here. and CBD

Whether you’re new to CBD or an experienced CBD veteran, you’ve come to the right place. Here at, we strive to make sure these CBD companies live up to their word when it comes to labeling, packaging, quality, and more.

We go through a rigorous review process for each product and also send samples to 3rd party labs to test for quality. Before you buy and take these products, we want to make sure you’re getting everything out of what you’re spending your hard-earned money on.

Just scroll through out website to read our comprehensive reviews, guides, and recommendations. Yes, we make affiliate commissions if you purchase some of these products. We’d like to straight-forward as possible when it comes to providing you the most valuable and up to date information in this growing industry.

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Most products on the market look the same. It’s nearly impossible to tell good products apart from the bad. Most companies are rushing into the market to capitalize on profits and quality is therefore, reduced. is a product review site that invests in 3rd party testing to support the well-being of others and hold companies accountable. Since this is an unregulated industry, our review process is one that customers can trust.

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