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‘Hemp Bombs’ Hit With Lawsuit – Products Are “Grossly Under-Dosed”

Our team at The Hemp Trust is dedicated to bringing you honesty and truth in the form of high quality content that you can trust.

This also means bringing you news about company’s that have deceitful and products that don’t live up to their misleading labels. One of these companies recently surfaced and the company in question is “Hemp Bombs.”

Hemp Bombs is actually a pretty popular CBD brand with a huge following and highly rated reviews all over the internet. However are recently in the news because of a class action lawsuit for misleading claims and “grossly under-dosed” products.

Hemp Bombs, which makes everything from CBD gummies, liquid vape oil and lollipops to CBD syrup, pills and pain gels, is alleged in the lawsuit to have created a marketing scheme meant to capitalize on the swelling demand for CBD products. According to the complaint, Hemp Bombs “makes numerous false and misleading claims” on its product labels and website with regard to the CBD potency of its wares. At issue, the plaintiff claims, is that Hemp Bombs’ products contain less CBD than their labels represent, and are “grossly under-dosed.”

How to avoid buying “crappy” CBD products…

  • Make sure the companies you’re buying from have third-party lab results from vetted third-party labs.
  • We’ve reviewed and tested CBD products from a lot of trusted companies – make sure to read our brand reviews and do your own due diligence before purchasing as well.
  • Search for reviews on Reddit. Reddit can be a great resource to look for unbiased opinions and reviews on CBD products. The r/CBD community on Reddit is very strong and opinionated.
  • Get up-to-date information on exactly what you’re taking and why you’re taking it. Inform yourself on CBD, the plant itself, and how it actually works within your body. It’s also to know the different extraction methods companies use to extract CBD from the hemp plant.
  • Keep reading! This is why the site was built. We’re biased when it comes to that but we try to give you guys the best possible content and reviews possible.
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