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Proleve CBD Review – High Quality CBD for Affordable Prices!

Reasons to love Proleve CBD…

  • Made from high quality hemp grown in Colorado.
  • Broad Spectrum, Full Spectrum, and CBD Isolate products available.
  • Very affordable prices.
  • High concentrations available for CBD oils and gummies.

Brief Overview of Proleve CBD

Proleve makes high quality CBD products from organic hemp grown in the United States. Their product range isn’t quite as broad as some other companies, but they do cover all the bases: tinctures, capsules, gummies, vape juice, pet products, and even bath bombs. Most of their products come in different strengths so you can choose a dosage that fits your needs, and they’ve managed to keep their prices very reasonable. Like any reputable CBD company, Proleve uses third-party lab testing to guarantee that their products contain the amount of CBD that they claim it does, and these results are displayed on the product pages of their websites. 

What isn’t clear is whether they’re using full-spectrum CBD oil or CBD isolate in their gummies or bath bomb. The tincture is full spectrum though, which is a good sign. Note that you cannot purchase Proleve CBD products unless you are over the age of 18. Approved!

Our Proleve Review

We looked at four specific products from Proleve for our review. 

First up are the 50mg CBD Gummies.

These delicious gummies come in a bottle of 30 individual gummy slices. They come in an assortment of flavors, though it isn’t totally clear what those flavors are. We do know that they’re colored with pumpkin, black currant, apple and carrot, so there are no artificial dyes used in them. The flavors are good, but what really sells us on these is the hefty, 50mg dose of CBD in each gummy. At $60 for a bottle of 30, these only cost you $2 a day.

Next we tried the PM Gummies. These are the exact same as the regular gummies, but with the addition of melatonin to promote better sleep. The flavors are the same too, so they taste just as good. Like the regular gummies, they’re colored with fruit and vegetable juices, and there are no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Also, both the regular and the PM gummies come in 50mg and 25mg strengths. The gummies are not gluten free- if you can’t tolerate gluten, do not buy these gummies.

The 1000mg broad spectrum CBD was a nice surprise for a couple of reasons. First, it has exactly two ingredients: broad spectrum CBD oil, and MCT oil. Second, it’s priced at $70. It’s almost impossible to find quality CBD products at the concentration for such a low price, and we almost couldn’t believe what we were seeing. Each serving of this tincture contains 33.3mg of high quality CBD in the form of broad-spectrum CBD oil. 

Finally, we tried the CBD capsules. These are made with full spectrum CBD oil and have 25mg of CBD per capsule. They’re made with gelatin, vegetable glycerin, and full spectrum hemp oil. They’re capsules, so you can expect them to take a little longer to kick in than the tincture, but the 25mg dose is nicely effective. Each bottle has 30 capsules for a one month supply


We know that Proleve’s industrial grade hemp is grown in the United States, and that it’s organic, but that’s about all we know of their sourcing. They don’t publicize where their hemp is grown, which probably means that they source from different farms depending on availability and pricing. Some people don’t like not knowing exactly where the hemp was grown, but as long as we’re confident it was grown in the United States and that it’s certified organic we don’t think it’s a problem. Especially since that model of buying from different farms is probably part of why Proleve’s prices are so reasonable.


The gummies are great. Fruity and sweet, just like they should be. The CBD tincture tastes like hemp. It’s not flavored, nor do they sell any flavored tinctures. Some people like the flavor of hemp, some don’t. If you like hoppy beers, you’ll like the taste of hemp. If not, the tinctures may not be the best choice for you. The capsules, of course, are flavorless.

Shopping Experience

The Proleve website is great. It’s simple and easy to navigate, making it easy to find the product you want. On the downside, the About Us and Contact Us pages of the website weren’t working when we accessed it. That’s not necessarily a problem, but it does make it hard to find information about the manufacturer, or get in touch with them if you have any questions. It could just be a temporary problem, though. 

The lab results are easy to find though, which means you can easily look at the results for any product before you buy it. The high quality control standards at Proleve are evident in the way they make the lab results so easy to find.

Range of Products

Proleve makes a wide range of products. They have CBD tinctures in strengths as low as 500mg and as high as 2500mg. The gummies come in both 25mg and 50mg strength, and in the regular and PM formulas. They also come in jars of 30 or packs of 4. 

They also make topical creams in a 100mg travel size and a 500mg regular size, as well as a 500mg bottle of CBD body lotion. For those looking for a pure CBD experience, or wanting to incorporate CBD in their cooking or homemade beauty products, Proleve sells CBD isolate, too. We’ve already covered the capsules, and Proleve sells CBD vape juice in several flavors, all in 1000mg bottles.

The 500mg CBD pet tincture and five different CBD bath bombs round out the product range. The only real knock against the product line is that they don’t sell any flavored tinctures, since a lot of people really dislike the flavor of hemp.

They also sell several tinctures that have zero THC. All of their products have less than the .3% federal limit of THC to make them legal, though.

No matter how you want to consume CBD, Proleve has a product to help you enjoy the benefits of hemp. 

Lab Testing

All of Proleve’s products are third-part lab-tested, and the test results are clearly displayed on each product page. 


Proleve CBD

Proleve CBD offers high quality CBD products for very affordable prices. Offerings include Broad Spectrum, Full Spectrum, and CBD Isolate products that include oils, gummies, topicals, and more.

Product Quality






Customer Service





  • Organic
  • All natural
  • Wide product range
  • Products come in different dosages
  • Tinctures only have two ingredients
  • PM Gummies specifically formulated for better sleep
  • All products have a high dose of CBD for maximum benefits
  • Prices are incredible
  • Hemp is all grown in the USA


  • Not much information on the company itself
  • No flavored tinctures
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