Joy Organics - Effective CBD Products Specifically for Pain, Anxiety, Sleep, & More.

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Reasons to Love Joy Organics

Family-Owned Business

Joy Organics is the world’s premier broad spectrum line of CBD products. Using the most innovative technology, they ensure an industry-leading absorption rate and high bioavailability. Joy Organics aims to take charge of the CBD industry with the highest quality hemp oil products and unmatched transparency and customer service.

  • Organically grown hemp in Colorado using strict, state-of-the-art sustainable farming practices.
  • Family-owned and operated with a storefront in Colorado.
  • Premium grade, THC-free, broad spectrum hemp CBD oil. 
  • High quality products including CBD tinctures, gummies, topicals, and even treats for the pet.

CBD Oil Is Great For Pain, Sleep, Anxiety, and more.

Joy Organics uses a proprietary hemp extraction and purification process, ensuring that all cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are preserved. Once this full-spectrum oil is extracted, it is then pressed to ensure all plant matter is completely removed from the oil. Their CBD oils were highly recommended and it's no coincidence. 

  • High quality, nano-emulsified broad spectrum CBD works immediately to relieve pain, relax muscles, sleep better, and more.
  • 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg concentrations available.
  • Amazing tasting flavors - each with it's own unique formula that contains organic essential oils.
  • Affordable. - Priced perfect for medicinal grade CBD.
  • Third-party lab tested for accurate concentrations of cannabinoids.
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20mg of CBD in Each Gummy

Joy Organics CBD gummies are the best we've ever tried. And we've tried a lot of CBD gummies. Although the gummies were just a tab bit more expensive than most CBD gummies on the market, there's a few reasons that make up for that. 

  • These CBD gummies ranked high on our best gummies list.
  • 20mg per gummy – one is enough!
  • Organic ingredients include: Organic Apple Juice, Organic Stevia, Pectin, Organic Agave, Organic Coconut Oil, Citric Acid, Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Extract and CBD Isolate.
  • No processed sugars like most candies!
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The cannabis and CBD industry is growing at an exponential rate. As more and more companies surface and become more widely available, it’s more difficult to understand which products are safe for use. For some time, we’ve been forced to navigate these decisions without a whole lot of clarity.

Here at, we hope to raise industry standards and guide you towards a simpler and safer experience when it comes to consuming and purchasing these products.

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Free Shipping On Everything

Joy Organics leaves nothing on the table when it comes to producing high-quality CBD products. From seed to shelf, Joy Organics oversees the entire process and makes sure that you're getting the best CBD possible. They deliver it to you with the same confidence as they would their own family members.

Free Shipping Throughout the United States!

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What Real Joy Organics Users Are Saying:

Testimonials taken from Joy Organics' Website:

All I can say is thank goodness for this company. There are so many people making these products and are not doing a quality job. I know because I've been ripped off many times. Until I found Joy Organics the stuff had zero effect on me. With this, I felt the results overnight. Amazing! This is the real deal.

John Kidd - (Peppermint Tincture)

These gummies do not taste like regular gummy bears, BUT they are made of natural ingredients, which is hard to find. I got used to the taste pretty quick, they work within 30-40 minutes. LOVE them and will to everybody.

Kateryna B - (CBD Gummies)

We couldn't find much wrong with Joy Organics...


  • Organic Broad Spectrum CBD with ZERO THC.
    Superior farming, strict and thorough raw hemp processing using supercritical CO2 extraction makes Joy Organic's CBD an effective and potent product.
  • Third-Party Lab Testing
    Before they release any batch, it goes through rigorous third-party lab testing. Every batch receives the most comprehensive testing available: microbial (E. coli, yeast, mold), potency (ensuring what’s on the label is in the bottle), heavy metals (lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium) and pesticides (60 total).
  • CO2 Extraction and Nano-Emulsion
    They use a proprietary hemp extraction and purification process that involves supercritical CO2, a commonly used method of extraction. This makes sure that many of hemp’s beneficial phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids are preserved in the process. Joy Organics takes it one step further. The raw hemp oil goes through a proprietary process that transforms it into nano-sized emulsions. This makes it the most bioavailable broad spectrum CBD in the industry.
  • Family Owned Business
    Joy Organics is a family affair. Now the Joy Organics “business family” includes more than 68 highly committed employees. We can’t wait to see where we go next!
  • Organic Ingredients
    Alongside top-quality CBD, it's only effective when paired with the finest organic ingredients including essential oils, carrier oils, and more.
  • Free Shipping
    Joy Organics offers FREE SHIPPING on all of their products - no questions asked. For an additional savings, use our discount code they gave us below.
  • Informative and Fast Website
    Joy Organic’s site was a joy to browse and purchase from. Not only is their site fast, it contains loads of information on the company and their products. Checkout was safe and secure, exactly what you’d expect.
  • Use The Coupon Code!
    Joy Organics was gracious enough to provide our readers with a coupon code that saves you 15% discount on your first purchase.  Just use code "HEMPTRUST" during checkout. Thank us later. 😊


  • Competitive Pricing
    Sure, you can save a buck or two going with the cheaper brand. With Joy Organics, you're getting a quality product with quality ingredients that will benefit you.  Also, you'll save on the free shipping as well as our 15% off coupon code below. 😊
  • Couldn't think of anything else...
    Joy Organics carries all the great principles of what a great CBD company should be - high quality products, transparency, great customer service, and more. 

Try Joy Organics For Yourself

Joy Organics ranks at the top of our list of "must try" CBD Brands for many reasons:

  • Made with 100% organic hemp grown in Colorado.
  • High quality extracted CBD that contains zero THC.
  • Vegan, gluten free and non-GMO.  
  • Unique formulas with other organic carrier oils and essential oils.
  • Third-party lab tested for quality assurance.
  • Family-owned business with actual storefront in Colorado.
  • Also try the ​CBD salve - works great for a few skin conditions and great for relaxing sore muscles.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on any of their products.

Enjoy 15% OFF with code "HEMPTRUST"

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