We take CBD seriously. TheHempTrust.com was created with a few things in mind. To test products in an unregulated marketplace to make sure it’s safe for you to consume.

We regularly test CBD on our website through a comprehensive and unbiased process. Taste, potency, third-party testing are just some of the things we look out for, ensuring that only the very best earn our seal of approval.

We test a lot of CBD products – each one of them goes through an unbiased review.

Our Reviews Are Always Unbiased

Unlike other CBD review sites out there, our reviews are 100% impartial and free from outside influence.

We never take compensation in exchange for positive coverage, and providers will never have a say in how we rate the products we review.

Our team of CBD experts/users runs each product through the same in-depth test program, ensuring that all results you see are directly comparable, with no bias.

We do everything in our power to make your buying decision as easy as possible, and your needs always come first. We are honest and open 100% of the time.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can afford to maintain such high editorial standards, you can find out more in our guide to how we make money.

Our Process

Every product we test goes through the unique TheHempTrust.com methodology – no exceptions. This is what happens when we decide to test CBD products:

1. Purchasing the Products

We want to make sure we get the exact same experience as the average user at home. Often times, CBD companies send us samples to test. However, their products goes through the same process of review.

Throughout making a purchase on a company’s website, we look for a few things:

  1. Transparency of ingredients and where it’s from.
  2. Ease of navigation and visual appeal.
  3. Quality, well written content about their products.
  4. Third-party lab results.
  5. Ease of checkout. Is it safe and secure? Do they accept major credit cards?

These are just a few things we try to look out for when reviewing a brand/company. Most reputable CBD companies should have all these things however, newcomers on the market might not.

2. Testing

Since we test a lot of products, we allocate 7-10 days to each product. Our 3 person team will be testing a maximum of 2 products each within those 7-10 days.

Here’s an example:

Within a 7 day period, I’ll test a CBD oil tincture from x company alongside a totally different product such as a balm or a topical. We won’t test 2 CBD oil tinctures simultaneously.

Times of testing:

If we are testing a CBD oil, we’ll take a full required dose based on the label in the morning on an empty stomach to feel it’s maximum effects. We’ll also take it mid-day usually right after lunch and once right before bed and record notes.

Some products we test are specifically formulated for sleeping or during the day so we’ll take those accordingly.

3. What we look for.

  • Potency – Accurate concentrations in each serving.
  • Third-party lab tests – This is very important. Every company should provide third-party lab results for each of their products.
  • Other third-party tests – Companies should also test for pesticides, heavy metals, and other unwanted contaminants in their products.
  • Taste – Products such as tinctures, gummies, candies, beverages, etc should taste good!
  • Ingredients – We tend to gravitate towards products that are organic and made with organic ingredients. We believe what you put in your body is very important for your health.
  • Transparency – Companies should be held accountable for mislabeled products and misinformation. Seed to shelf companies usually rank higher for us because they control every part of the process from “seed” to “shelf.”
  • Value – You shouldn’t waste your hard-earned money on expensive products, period. Get products that works and won’t break the bank.
  • Customer Support – If you have any questions, these companies should be able to answer them honestly and promptly.

Why we do this…

Our friends and family members who found relief in cannabis derivatives, relief that allowed them to take less medicines, worry less, or live more.

We’ve spoken to parents, veterans, athletes, and folks across the country who believe CBD improved their lives. We also know our farmers could use another cash crop to add to their land, maybe making each year a little easier. It’s with this hope and grand potential that we go forward. We think hemp represents a chance to bring people together under a common goal of more jobs and better health.

With such lofty ambition should come high standards. Our advanced reviews provide people information to make a personal decision about their health. We hope to help people lead a conversation with their doctor and make informed choices about hemp.