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Hot CBD Coupons for 2019

CBDFx is a brand that does it all. With top-shelf products such as their gummies, CBD vape pens, and delicious tinctures, you're bound to find something that suits you.
Endoca CBD10% OFF!
Endoca CBD
Endoca CBD is a good start if you’re a new or veteran CBD user. They have products for everyone and at different potencies. Not only is their customer service amazing, they have quality products to back it up.
American Shaman CBD20% OFF!
American Shaman CBD
Just like the native medicine men that inspired their namesake, CBD American Shaman is deeply committed to easing suffering through natural healing. Their organic, ultra-concentrated compounds are used to treat a variety of conditions in both humans and animals. They cover all the bases. From vaping to skincare, from felines to horses, there’s something for everyone in this terpene rich line of over 20 products. CBD American Shaman is a conscious enterprise, promoting sustainability and offering discounts for those with chronic conditions, veterans and low-income customers.
Social CBD20% DISCOUNT!!
Social CBD
Previously known as Select CBD, the company's rebrand still upholds high quality when producing CBD that fits into your wellness routine. With great flavored CBD oils and vape pens, Social CBD delivers.
Sunday Scaries20% OFF
Sunday Scaries
Sunday Scaries specialize in just a few products and their gummies are one of them. Claimed to reduce the anxieties and stresses you may face throughout the week, their CBD gummies may just help.
RE: Botanicals CBD10% OFF!
RE: Botanicals CBD
Re:Botanicals is one of the very few CBD companies that has a USDA Organic stamp on it's label. They take pride in delivering quality products such as organic grown US hemp as well as organic carrier oils too. We hope you enjoy their CBD as much as we do.
NanoCraft CBD10% OFF!
NanoCraft CBD
Broaden your CBD supplementation with Nanocraft CBD. With nano-emulsion technology, Nanocraft delivers products that are more bioavailable in your body meaning you absorb more of the goodness! Try it out for yourself. Take 10% off your order with the coupon code.
Sagely Naturals10% OFF!
Sagely Naturals
Meet Sagely Naturals, a sophisticated purveyor of plant-based medicines that harnesses the healing combination of CBD and essential oils. Sagely Naturals uses the purest ingredients backed by high-end, intentional branding. Their line is beautiful inside and out, containing 100% organic CBD and essential oils applied topically in creams, roll-ons and sprays. But they don’t stop at skin health. When these bioactive oils enter the bloodstream, they treat pain and help to mitigate stress. Plus, the line features highly potent capsules packed with herbs and healing plants like turmeric for optimum natural relief. Sagely Naturals utilizes formulas developed by PhD chemists, and each batch of product is triple lab tested for quality and efficacy. The brand is rooted in transparency with an affluent, modern feel.
King Kanine 10% DISCOUNT!
King Kanine
A leading purveyor in pet wellness, King Kanine makes no exceptions when it comes to your pet's health. With effective and nutritious blends of CBD oil, you're bound to find something for your furry friend.
Mana Artisan Botanics10% OFF!
Mana Artisan Botanics
Mana makes some of the most unique but amazing well thought out products using local ingredients such as macadamia nut oil and honey found in Hawaii. Delicious tinctures and honey products are highly recommended from us!
Joy Organics15% OFF!
Joy Organics
Joy Organics is a leading company using organically grown, broad spectrum CBD with zero THC in their products. Made with top-quality ingredients, Joy Organics sets the standards for other CBD companies to follow.
Receptra Naturals CBD10% OFF!
Receptra Naturals CBD
Receptra offers premium organic, whole plant, pure hemp extracts. All of the hemp used in Receptra products is 100% grown on family farms in Colorado. Each plant is carefully selected by hand to ensure only the highest quality hemp is used in our oils. They take care of our plants so they can take care of you!
Elixinol CBD10% OFF!
Elixinol CBD
Elixinol™ cultivates top-quality strains of hemp, organically grown and naturally processed to exceed industry standards to produce the highest-quality and maximum purity cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp products on the market.
Foria Wellness10% OFF!
Foria Wellness
Foria Wellness is a CBD company that caters towards women and their needs. With popular products such as their Natural Arousal oils and Basics Suppositories, they are supporting women through quality products made from hemp and other organic ingredients.
CBD Living10% OFF!
CBD Living
A CBD brand that has it all. CBD water, edibles, gummies, tinctures, and more. You're bound to find something that suits you.
CBD Medic10% OFF
CBD Medic
Just for our readers, CBD Medic has given us a special discount code. Click the link below to save 10% OFF your purchase today.
CBDistillery is now a globally recognized brand known for their affordable prices and quality products that use full spectrum or CBD isolate. You're bound to find something to appreciate and love.
Honest Paws15% DISCOUNT!
Honest Paws
Honest Paws makes some of the best CBD products made specifically for dogs and cats. Everything from CBD oils, chews, peanut butter, and other organic ingredients makes this a no-brainer for your loved animal.
Sol CBD5% OFF!
SOL CBD provides holistic therapeutic options driven by authenticity and integrity. Founded by health advocates and coaches with nearly a decade in the business, their formulas are rooted in a combination of Ayurvedic and functional medicine. The product line contains capsules, whole body activation tinctures, soothing balm and vape e-liquids. SOL CBD also offers innovative liposomal oil, which is water soluble and proven to alleviate muscle and joint inflammation. Here is product variety united by a singular purpose: optimize the body’s endocannabinoid system for optimal health. Heal from the inside out.
Mission Farms CBD$20 OFF!
Mission Farms CBD
Mission Farms CBD is one of our favorite CBD brands to date. Made from organically grown Oregon hemp and other organic ingredients, their full spectrum CBD products packs depth, flavor, and most importantly, it works. Shop their products today.
PureKana CBDClick for updated prices.
PureKana CBD
PureKana is your best source for quality, affordable health and wellness products made from CBD-rich hemp. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, we at PureKana are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, most affordable hemp CBD products on the market.
cbdMD15% OFF!
cbdMD makes quality CBD products at an affordable price. From oils, capsules, gummies, and even bath bombs, you can consume and reap the benefits of CBD however you like.
Green Gorilla
Green Gorilla
Green Gorilla makes extremely quality CBD for reasonable prices. We recommend trying their organic Hemp and Olive CBD oil.
NotPot CBD Gummies
NotPot CBD Gummies
NotPot sticks to one thing only. And that's their delicious strawberry flavored CBD gummies. Click the button to buy them today.
A brand trusted by health enthusiasts such as Ben Greenfield, BioCBD+ just works. Their capsules contain not only CBD but anti-inflammatory ingredients such as magnesium and curcumin.

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