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Green Roads Review – What You Need to Know

Reasons to love Green Roads CBD –

  • Owned by medical experts with pharmaceutical experience.
  • All products made with American-grown hemp.
  • Cutting-edge extraction methods.
  • Wide range of products.
  • Third-party lab-tested.
  • First CBD company founded by a licensed compound pharmacist.
  • Unique products like CBD coffee and tea.
  • Special product bundles for beginners.

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Green Roads CBD
Green Roads CBD
Green Roads is passionate about using science to create what they consider to be the best...Show More
Green Roads is passionate about using science to create what they consider to be the best CBD products on the market. Working with pharmacists and experts to ensure the purity and potency of their unique formulas has paid off, as Green Roads products are now sold in over 10,000 locations.Show Less

Overview of Green Roads CBD

Green Roads CBD was founded when Laura Fuentes, a licensed compound pharmacist, learned that one of her close friends was struggling with an opioid addiction. Although he was an expert on hemp, he didn’t know how to turn hemp and CBD into products that could help fight his addiction and replace the pills he depended on. Together, they began creating CBD products that could treat his real medical problems without becoming addictive. 

They ended up becoming more successful than they ever thought they would be, and today Green Roads is the largest privately-owned CBD company in the country. It is truly the quintessential success story. Approved!

Our Green Roads Review

Our Green Roads review will focus on a handful of products from Green Roads very large product line.

First up the 1000mg CBD oil. It goes without saying that, at 1000mg for a 30 mL bottle, this is potent stuff. The recommended does is .5mL-1mL, which is 16.5-33mg of CBD. Green Roads uses a broad-spectrum hemp extract in all of their products. Evidently this is different from full-spectrum hemp extract, as they mention they include a proprietary terpene blend in this oil to support and enhance the effects of CBD.

A full-spectrum extract would already have the terpenes in it, so a terpene blend would be unnecessary. Terpenes are the source of the aroma and flavor of CBD and other unflavored hemp products, and by creating and using their own terpene blends Green Roads is able to control the flavor profile. It’s a nice touch, and it’s also an unusual method. It’s a good idea, though, as the flavor of hemp isn’t always a crowd-pleaser. In addition to CBD oil, this product is made with the terpene blend, hemp seed oil, vegetable oil, glycerin, and sunflower lecithin. It’s not organic but is certified non-GMO. The strong dosage is very effective, and this oil is meant for sublingual use, so the effects are felt quickly. The flavor is a mild but pleasing hemp taste that most people will enjoy.

CBD Froggies – next up are these delicious gummies that come in two strengths and two flavors- 25mg, 50mg, and regular flavor or sour flavor. The flavors are strawberry, lemon, green apple, lime, blue raspberry, grape, and a mystery flavor. Each bag only includes four gummies, and we weren’t able to try the mystery flavor. The ones we did try were delicious, though, and we appreciated that they come in different strengths. These gummies aren’t vegan, as they’re made with gelatin. Green Road has a full line of gummies, with each shape meant for different uses, such as the Relax Bears and the Relief Toads. 

They have a full line of topicals, too, including the 300mg Soothing Cream. It comes in a one-ounce bottle and is meant for muscle and joint relief. One small pump is all you need; it’s strong stuff, so we expect that it will help with most muscle and joint pain, the you’ll feel the effects quickly. It’s also paraben free and not tested on animals. It’s infused with menthol, so you get a wonderful cooling effect that really enhances the relief you feel from the CBD. It’s made with ingredients like Bentonite clay and chamomile extract that are thought to have powerful medicinal qualities, too. The chamomile, along with cucumber extract, also give it a wonderful aroma. 

We also tried two of their Terpene Oils: Strawberry AK and Sour Diesel. The main difference between the Terpenes oils and the regular CBD oils they offer is that, instead of the proprietary terpene blend, the terpene oils have a specific blend of terpenes from the hemp strain they’re named after. This provides more specific flavor profiles and additional health benefits from the terpenes.

Please see this chart from Green Road’s website about their terpenes and it’s unique properties.

They also come in smaller bottles, with only 100mg and 300mg strengths, so they aren’t quite a strong as the strongest CBD oils that Green Roads offers. In addition to flavor, some people report that different hemp strains have slightly different effects- one might be better for relaxation, while another might offer more pain relief. Since the terpenes have an effect on the way your body absorbs the CBD, this is possible, although not everyone will notice a difference from one strain to another. What we liked best about the terpene oils was the ability to select a flavor we liked without having to choose an oil with added flavorings.

As the name suggests, the Strawberry AK has a pronounced strawberry taste to it, while the Sour Diesel has a delicious lime-like flavor. Tasting them, you would really think that they used some kind of flavoring agent, but they didn’t- it’s all hemp terpenes. Since all plants, including fruits, produce terpenes, this makes sense. Some hemp strains produce some of the same terpenes as things like strawberries and limes, and so the flavor is the same, too. Both were great, and they have plenty of other flavors to choose from.


All of Green Roads CBD products are made from hemp-derived CBD. All of their hemp is grown in the United States, and they oversee the extraction of CBD and all of the formulation. They don’t sell organic products, but all of their products are certified non-GMO. One thing we couldn’t find information on was the extraction methods that are used. They claim to use cutting edge extraction methods, which we assume means using CO2 extraction, but that’s never confirmed anywhere on the website. It’s likely that in some cases they have to use ethanol extraction, and so they aren’t claiming to use exclusively CO2 extraction.

Products They Offer

CategoryOilsOil CapsulesTopicalsGummiesTerpenes
Concentration7mg/ml to 58mg/ml in a variety of bottle sizes25mg per dose, 30 doses per bottleRanges depending on the product, from 2.8mg/ml to 10.3mg/ml10-25mg per dose in different package sizes7-20mg/ml in a variety of bottle sizes
CBD Extraction MethodBroad-spectrum Co2Broad-spectrum Co2Broad-spectrum Co2Broad-spectrum Co2Broad-spectrum Co2
Appearance and Flavor/ScentThick oil with a light hemp scent and tasteDry capsules with a faint hemp scentDepends on the product, from the mentholated Heat Relief to lightly botanical pain and skin creamsAssorted fruit flavors (including sour) in a variety of shapes with a faint hemp aftertasteThick oil, which has a strong cannabis scent due to THC-free terpenes
THC Content0%0%0%0%0%
Ideal CustomerMost CBD users, those who don’t dislike the taste.People who need a fuss-free, on-the-go solution.Very popular with users who have muscle and joint pain or skin conditions.Those who enjoy gummies and convenience.CBD users interested in the terpene/cannabinoid entourage effect.


Everything that’s supposed to be tasted was delicious. The regular CBD Oil has a generic hemp taste, but the proprietary terpene blend is fairly mild and shouldn’t be off-putting even to people who don’t typically like the taste of hemp. The terpene oils tasted a lot better, with pronounced strawberry and lime flavors. You’d be tempted to think they used artificial flavors, but they really only use hemp terpenes, it’s just that all plants and all fruits produce terpenes- some hemp strains produce the same terpenes as things like strawberry and lime, so the flavor is almost indistinguishable. The gummies were great, too, and you’d never know that you’re eating something that’s good for you. All in all, these are great-tasting products. 


ProductStandard Price
CBD Oil$6.99 (23mg) $9.99 (33mg) $11.99 (50mg) $26.99 (100mg) $45.99 (250mg) $64.99 (350mg) $84.99 (550mg) $162.99 (1,000mg) $209.99 (1,500mg) $420 (3,500mg)
CBD Capsules$89.99 (750mg)
CBD Topicals$39.99 (150mg) $49.99 (200mg) $59.99 (250mg) $69.99 (300mg) $84.99 (500mg)
CBD Gummies$4.99 (20 or 25mg) $6.99-$10 (50mg) $19.99 (100mg) $29.99 (200mg) $54.99 (300mg) $59.99 (400mg)
CBD Terpenes$6.99 (7mg) $37.99 (100mg) $69.99 (300mg)
CBD Syrup$29.99 (60mg)
CBD Oil for Pets$39.99 (75mg)
CBD Concentrates$30 (250mg) $70 (1000mg)
CBD Tea and Coffee$6.99 (7mg) $13.99 (60mg) $39.99 (250mg) $54.99 (500mg)

Shopping Experience

The website is very easy to use and all the information you want is presented clearly. Each product lists it’s ingredients, directions for use, and dosage information before you even get to the product description. The one thing we didn’t like was that on many products we were unable to read the reviews. The ratings are easily visible, but the written reviews are not. Apparently, this has to do with FDA regulations about posting reviews that mention specific medical conditions. Still, the overall experience is very good. 

Range of Products

Green Roads has something for everyone. In addition to the product lines mentioned above, they also have coffee, tea, syrups, and CBD pet drops. The on-the-go CBD droppers are pre-filled droppers for your daily dosing, and they also have product bundles for beginners who are still trying to decide what products are best for them. 

Lab Testing

All Green Roads products are third-party lab tested, and the results are readily available on the website. Each product page has a tab that offers the lab results for each batch, so you know for sure that the product you buy is pure and has exactly the CBD content you want.

Buy Green Roads Today – Save 10% Off Your Entire Order.

10% OFF!
Green Roads CBD
Green Roads CBD
Green Roads is passionate about using science to create what they consider to be the best...Show More
Green Roads is passionate about using science to create what they consider to be the best CBD products on the market. Working with pharmacists and experts to ensure the purity and potency of their unique formulas has paid off, as Green Roads products are now sold in over 10,000 locations.Show Less

Green Roads CBD Review

Customers looking for a wide-ranging product line with multiple potencies will enjoy shopping with Green Roads. They are also ideal for anyone who requires 0% THC content, as the company only uses broad-spectrum CBD oil.

Product Quality


Product Value




Customer Service





  • Comprehensive and varied product and concentration range.
  • 0% THC in all products.
  • Third-party testing available on all product pages.
  • 50% discount codes for veterans and discounts for first responders.
  • Free shipping on purchases over $100.
  • Many products featuring different terpene profiles.
  • Affordable


  • Broad-spectrum CBD only, with no full-spectrum options.
  • No monthly subscriptions or discounts are available.
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