Endoca CBD - #1 Rated CBD Brand in UK (Perfect for Relieving Pain, Reducing Anxiety, and Better Sleep)

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Reasons to love Endoca...

About Endoca

Endoca is a CBD company headquartered in the Netherlands. Henry Vincenty founded Endoca in 2008. Their mission is to contribute to balancing people’s health through organic, sustainably produced hemp products. Endoca offers a wide variety of CBD products including oils, body creams, capsules, chewing gum, crystals, suppositories, powder food supplements, and CBD products for dogs.

  • 100% organic and free of GMOs and pesticides.
  • High quality extracted CBD. 
  • Endoca guarantees the accurate concentration of CBD in each product - lab tested for quality assurance. 
  • Different concentrations of CBD for each product. 
  • Products available for pets, too. 

Potent and Raw CBD Oil

Endoca's strong CBD+CBDa Raw formula is unheated and unrefined, offering the full natural benefits of the hemp plant. Boasting vital omegas, vitamins, and minerals that are normally lost when heated, their unique formula retains hemp’s natural, complex structure of over 400 unaltered molecules. This organic, non-GMO, CBD oil can be added to food and drinks, or simply taken on its own as a supplement to support a balanced healthy lifestyle.

  • Great for relieving different types of pain - arthritis, chronic pain, inflammation, etc. 
  • Also great for reducing anxiety and better sleep.
  • Perfect for those who need higher doses of CBD.
  • They guarantee the accurate concentration of CBD.
  • Over 3300 positive reviews on TrustPilot.
  • Affordable pricing, around $0.07 to $0.10 per mg.
  • Shop Endoca Raw Hemp Oil here.

Endoca Salve with 750mg of CBD 

A soothing, all-natural skincare salve for instant relief from irritation and excessive dryness. Rich in CBD as well as Vitamin E, to calm irritation, as well as skin and joint discomfort. Made from 100% natural food-grade ingredients, it contains a highly potent dose of CBD for targeted relief. Endoca Hemp Salve is an ideal barrier cream, due to its emollient properties. Their organic Hemp Salve is also a perfect topical for the sensitive skin of your face and neck.

  • Perfect for all sorts of pain and skin irritation (arthritis, muscle soreness, eczema, skin dryness, and more)
  • High concentration of CBD at 750mg. 
  • Made with 100% natural and organic ingredients.
  • Contains: CBD (cannabidiol), Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Peel Oil, Citral, Vanilla, Vitamin E.
  • Perfect to calm irritation, as well as skin and joint discomfort.
  • Shop Endoca Salve here.

TheHempTrust.com Approved

The cannabis and CBD industry is growing at an exponential rate. As more and more companies surface and become more widely available, it’s more difficult to understand which products are safe for use. For some time, we’ve been forced to navigate these decisions without a whole lot of clarity.

Here at TheHempTrust.com, we hope to raise industry standards and guide you towards a simpler and safer experience when it comes to consuming and purchasing these products.

Available in the UK (Fast Shipping)

It should come to no surprise that Endoca CBD has scored very high on our review. Not only are their CBD products tested to the correct dosage, their CBD products has worked wonders for us. CBD shouldn't be complicated. That's why Endoca has made it easy for people like you and I to purchase and benefit from CBD oil. 

It's also available and shipped throughout the United Kingdom.

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What Real Endoca Users Are Saying:

Testimonials taken from Endoca's Facebook Group

I suffered with awful migraines until I found endoca, I did find the raw hemp oil worked better for me although we are all quite different, I also found the suppositories are very good for migraines and deeply relaxes the whole body ! We would love to hear how it goes, if you’re not sure on anything or have any questions on your path to wellness we’d all be glad to help, share or point you in the right direction 👍🌿💚

Gareth Lingley - Endoca User

I have fibro too and was on lyrica along with many other pain relieving meds for years before I found Endoca. I use the raw paste in the morning and the decarb at night as I find it more relaxing. If you are wanting to wean off pregalbin maybe talk to your doctor about it. Just make sure you separate taking cbd & prescription meds by about 2 hours & wean very slowly. Good luck 🙏

Deborah Higgs - Endoca User

We couldn't find much wrong with Endoca...


  • A wide variety of CBD products that come in multiple potencies. Perfect for beginner or veteran CBD users. 
  • Less common forms of CBD products, such as chewing gum and suppositories.
  • Endoca guarantees accurate dosing for each product.
  • Affordable pricing, around $0.07 to $0.10 per mg
  • Organic, vegan, gluten-free, and kosher ingredients.
  • Shipping available worldwide.
  • Free shipping on U.S. orders over $74. Save more using our coupon code below.


  • No gummies or edibles besides the gum.
  • Couldn't think of anything else. Seriously, give Endoca CBD a go!

Try Endoca For Yourself & Save 10%!

Endoca takes our top pick for best CBD company that's available in the UK for a few important reasons: 

  • Made with 100% organic hemp. 
  • A variety of CBD products including tinctures, capsules, lip balms, salves, body butter, and more.
  • Vegan, gluten free and non-GMO.  
  • Tested free from pesticides, additives, and non-GMO.
  • High concentrations of CBD (they even guarantee accurate concentrations.)
  • Endoca manufactures everything themselves from seed to shelf—a rarity in CBD oil production. 

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