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Cloaking CBD Ads on Facebook and Google – What You Need To Know

One of the main issues with running a successful CBD business is advertising on traffic sources such as Facebook and Google.

Due to strict policy regulations and enforcement, many CBD brands and companies who have attempted the advertise on these platforms ultimately fail.

If you’ve seen this red sign above your Facebook Ads Manager, you’re not alone.

You might also be asking yourself… how are all these other companies getting their ads approved and not getting their accounts banned?

Great question. A lot of these CBD companies either have a great marketing team behind them that follows Facebook’s rules, they got lucky, or they are cloaking their ads.

Many CBD companies that are running campaigns on Facebook or Google already are usually compliant. No mentioning of CBD or hemp anywhere on their landing pages or ad creatives, no dodgy looking photos of people taking tinctures in their mouths, just creative effort in marketing.

If you play by their rules, you just might get your ads approved. Not guaranteed.

On the other hand, many people choose a more technical route, cloaking.

Cloaking is used by many marketers around the world. Most people think of scammy marketers promoting shady products and offers when it comes to cloaking. However, cloaking provides a lot of other benefits.

What is cloaking?

Simply put, your product page (your website / landing page) is hidden from Facebook and Google’s manual reviewers and bots. 

While Facebook and Google reviews your compliant “safe” page, this will increase your ad approvals and decrease the risk of bans.

However there are some other benefits of cloaking your ads. Here are a few:

  • Traffic Filtering – you have the ability to blacklist spy tools, competitors, scrapers, bots, and reviewers.
  • Stop Fraudulent Visitors – quickly identify bad publishers with real-time flagging of suspicious hits.
  • Location Filters – make sure all the traffic for your ad campaigns are coming from the right location.
  • Device Filtering – show your landing pages to devices you want to.
  • Domain Protection – if your CBD shop domain is flagged on Facebook’s ad accounts, there’s a good chance it will be blacklisted forever.
  • Much more.

While cloaking may seem ‘shady’ for some, it’s actually beneficial for your brand reputation as well as marketing.

More importantly, you can possibly get more ads approved and reduce ad account bans. However, cloaking doesn’t guarantee ad approval, but it does force you to come up with creative ways to market your product.

Although cloaking is somewhat difficult to set up, CannaCloaker has made it even simpler for CBD companies and brands to start cloaking their ads today.

Many CBD companies have taken advantage of cloaking already – benefiting from getting more ads approved, increasing brand awareness, and ultimately increase sales.

If are considering trying cloaking your Facebook ads today, try CannaCloaker today. Sign up here.

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