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Charlotte’s Web Overstated Amount of Hemp Extract in Their CBD Products

Another popular company, Charlotte’s Web, has received a class action lawsuit stating that they have overstated the amount of hemp extract in their CBD creams. The products in question are: Soothing Scent Hemp Infused CreamUnscented Hemp Infused Cream The defendant’s website and the packaging for its “Soothing Scent Hemp Infused Cream” and “Unscented Hemp Infused Cream”…
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The Top Wellness Trends for 2020

The last decade has seen huge shifts in the world of health and wellness. From the explosion of all spectrums from plant-based diets, all meat diets, to the meditation boom and everything in between, including the CBD craze, self-care has reached a new level. Clean…
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January Is Now Officially National CBD Month

January 2020 is the first ever National CBD Month. Hooray! CBD users and advocates of the great supplement say the products help people in a variety of ways including sleep, anxiety, stress, mood, hunger, and more. Judging by the number of places beginning to sell CBD…