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5 of the Best CBD Products for A Better Sleep

Let’s make 2020 a year of great sleep.

Don’t laugh at me for saying this, but sleep is having a moment. How can something we all need in order to function be co-opted into “trend” status? I don’t know, ask the mainstream media.

From sleep trackers such as Oura rings, meditation apps for sleep, sleep apps, and even Matthew Walker’s book, Why We Sleep, it’s not question why sleep is important. Not only does sleep provide you with amazing health benefits, we all need more of it.

Between 50 to 70 million US adults have a sleep disorder, according to the Sleep Association, with short-term insomnia reported by about 30 percent of adults and chronic insomnia by 10 percent. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention goes as far as saying that one in three adults don’t get enough sleep. I wonder why? (Resumes staring into smartphone until 11pm.)

Clearly, we have a problem. But thankfully, cannabis and specifically cannabinoids like CBN or cannabinol and CBD (cannabidiol) are on the forefront of changing this. While everyone agrees more studies are needed, researchers say cannabis may help rock us to sleepy land and reduce our anxiety in the process.

Ever since we started taking CBD regularly to test products, our sleep scores from our Oura rings have been off the chart.*

And I know I’m not the only one. So if you’re looking for a sleep routine that’ll truly relax your system, start here. These are the eight best products for sleep.

Just Put Me To Sleep

Mission Farms CBD has created a safe-to-consume, effective, and delicious CBD oil specifically for sleep. The orange lavender flavored CBD oil includes organic essential oils combined with full spectrum CBD to knock you right out.

Here’s why Mission Farms Rest CBD works for sleep…

  • Full spectrum CBD mixed with other essential oils to give your a profound effect on your sleep.
  • Affordable. 
  • Best taken 30 minutes before bed.
  • Mixed with organic ingredients including organic lavender, bergamot, orange, and chamomile – all known to induce quality nights’ sleep.
  • Organically grown US hemp from Oregon (the Napa Valley for hemp).
  • Unbeatable customer service.
  • Tons of great reviews.

No THC, Just Bedtime Goodness

NanoCraft CBD’s CBD Oil Night Formula is a potent elixir that will put you to sleep. NanoCraft Night utilizes a suite of known sleep support agents in tandem with our highly bioavailable nano-emulsified Broad Spectrum CBD, to help you ease into flawless rest. With a taste of relaxing lavender and a blend of passionflower, 5-HTP and a touch of melatonin this calming blend is the perfect way to prepare your mind and body for deep, restorative sleep.

Hemp Plant Goodness

If you want to enjoy an extremely high quality CBD tincture at a great price, CBDfx should be your choice. Using full spectrum CBD, you’ll receive all the benefits of the plant compounds which include terpenes, other cannabinoids, and flavanoids. All of this creates an “entourage” effect which works harmoniously in your body to relieve pain and help you sleep better.

Bedside Manner

cbdMD’s Sleep Aid CBD oil is a great addition to your bedtime routine. At an affordable price of $44.99, this amazing tincture contains 500 mg of CBD, 150 mg of melatonin, and a blend of herbal extracts – chamomile, valerian root extract, passionflower, cascade hops, lemon balm – their specially formulated CBD PM blend is the perfect nighttime companion.

Nothing Crazy, Pure Organic

Green Gorilla also uses their organic full spectrum CBD oil in their Hemp and Olive series CBD oil to maximize full effects of the hemp plant. Their products are USDA certified organic which puts Green Gorilla on our top 5 list. By using quality organic ingredients and 3000mg of CBD in this affordable spray bottle, you’re assured to feel relief from this product. We recommend a dose of 100mg of CBD right before bed.

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