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5 Important Things to Look for Before Buying CBD

CBD this, CBD that. The word about CBD is quickly spreading because of all the health benefits CBD has. It should come as no surprise that CBD companies are popping out of nowhere to enter this profitable market. With that said, not all CBD is created equal. There’s little regulation for CBD products due to lack of approval from the FDA. But it’s up to us, TheHempTrust and you to do our own due diligence to see which products are worth our money.

1. Buy US-Grown Hemp

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a naturally occurring compound that can be found within cannabis plants, and it is primarily extracted from the plant known as hemp.

The soil in which these plants are grown can greatly affect the quality of the CBD hemp oil, as these plants absorb nutrients (or toxins) from the ground. Hemp can be imported or grown domestically, and we believe CBD sourced from America is generally better than foreign imports.

When hemp is sourced from areas like Europe, China, and Canada, we compromise the transparency of the origins of our CBD oil. It’s easier to regulate and maintain proper hemp cultivation when it is performed underneath our own laws and standards, rather than importing it from an area where we have little control over the crop’s environment. We also like brands who manage their product from seed to bottle. Brands surrender some control when they buy hemp from overseas.

Additionally, the U.S. spends approximately 300 million dollars on hemp imports every year. Purchasing American-sourced CBD oils could funnel a portion of these funds back into our own economy, supporting local farmers and hemp production.

Photo: Bluebird Botanicals’ flowers.

2. Brands Must Show 3rd-Party Test Results

This one is a MUST.

Whatever you’re buying, especially CBD, you want to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you’re spending your money on. Third-party labs can test CBD levels, terpene levels, as well as the presence of heavy metals and pesticides. Yuck.

This level of transparency is not only reassuring but gives you peace of mind that verifies how much CBD you’re getting per dosage.

We believe brands that take this step ensures customer safety as well as brand loyalty.

An example of a COA from Scary Sundays gummy sample.

3. Check Out The States Where These Brands Grow Their Hemp

While American grown hemp offers more transparency overall, specific states may have better quality control than others. States that have legalized marijuana for either medicinal or recreational use typically have more oversight when it comes to growing hemp plants. These states have more available resources to manage and test their hemp extracts, as well as increased regulations on the cultivation of hemp.

Therefore, CBD oils produced in these states may have a higher quality product, and trusted CBD companies often share the general location of where their hemp is grown.

A family-owned hemp farm in Colorado

4. Buy from Reputable Brands

It can be difficult to distinguish between the good and bad players within the CBD market, especially since these products have not been evaluated by the FDA. To ensure that brands offer what they say they do, we recommend looking for transparent companies that track their CBD oil from start to finish. A quality brand will have a combination of well-sourced hemp (ideally grown in the U.S.), third party lab test results, and a range of different potencies available for every type of CBD consumer.

It’s always nice to see “healthy” becoming “cool.” It’s good to see that solid health brands are becoming popular lifestyle brands. But this creates another potential problem for consumers. You need to look past Instagram followers and neat packaging and evaluate these brands for the products the sell. was created to help consumers like yourself be educated about what you’re taking. We ensure these brands are honest and maintain high quality when it comes to CBD. Make sure these companies get our Seal of Approval before you purchase!

5. Purchase The Correct Dosage

There are a range of different potencies available among CBD oil for sale, so you can choose one that best matches your needs and your budget. You can expect stronger CBD oils to cost more since you will get more CBD per dose than weaker potencies. Thus, you will likely use less product in the long run, depending on what you are using it for. The symptoms that you aim to relieve are also a good measure of the strength that you should look for when selecting a CBD oil.

If you’re just starting out using CBD, take it slow at first. You can always increase your dose if you see no effect, but it’s best to be safe when starting a new dietary supplement like CBD.

We suggest a medium to high strength tincture (800mg to 1500mg). Although it might be a little pricey, you can adjust the dosage yourself and level up when you need to.


We hope this helps you clarify a few things before buying CBD. If it’s your first time, don’t worry, we have your back. If you’re a veteran CBD user, we got you covered too. Check out our brand reviews for our favorite CBD companies that we think you’ll love.

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