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5 CBD Brands To Watch in 2020

2019 has been a big year for CBD. Whether you’ve been a long time CBD user or tried CBD for the first time this year, CBD has made it’s way into the mainstream. Whether it may be in the news (good or bad), professional sports like NFL, MMA, CrossFit, CBD has become a staple in many peoples’ lives. was also born in 2019 for one mission. To educate more people about this wonderful compound and help consumers like you purchase safe-to-consume CBD products in an unregulated market.

Our team has reviewed over hundreds of products ranging from CBD oils, gummies, topicals, creams, salves, you name it, we’ve tried it.

It’s been a hard and difficult road navigating the CBD boom this year as everyone and their mothers have been starting their “unique” CBD brands. Most of these guys are in it for a quick buck and claim they have the “best” CBD products available.

But with thorough research, recommendations, and reviewing the products ourselves, we’ve found our favorite brands and companies that we would refer to our friends and families.

However, there are a few companies that look promising and hope to see tremendous growth this upcoming 2020.

Let’s take a peek into a few of these companies that we’ll be reviewing soon.

Joy Organics (New Gummies, Recipes, Products, and more!)

If you’ve read our articles, you probably know that we absolutely love Joy Organics. As a CBD company operating in unregulated territories, they check all the boxes. As a family run business, they are transparent about everything they do, their products are made from high quality extracted hemp, affordable, and most of all they are effective.

Joy Organics in 2020 – What to look out for…

  • New gummies – coming soon in January 2020! We loved their current Serene Orchard flavor, 20mg, and made with real ingredients.
  • New recipes – Joy Organics is always improving upon old recipes and formulas, providing the benchmark for other companies to follow.
  • Whole foods compliant – many CBD companies skimp by using low quality ingredients, but not Joy Organics. With more regulation from the FDA coming in 2020, Joy Organics is leading by example when it comes to producing high quality products made with real, good-for-you ingredients.
15% OFF!
Joy Organics
Joy Organics
Joy Organics is a leading company using organically grown, broad spectrum CBD with zero...Show More
Joy Organics is a leading company using organically grown, broad spectrum CBD with zero THC in their products. Made with top-quality ingredients, Joy Organics sets the standards for other CBD companies to follow. Show Less

Beam CBD (CBD Focused on Sports Recovery)

Beam CBD has been a rising topic on Google Trends recently due to their partnership with 4x CrossFit Games champion, Mat Fraser and 3x champion Tia-Claire Toomey. With CBD becoming more and more popular in many professional sports such as CrossFit, MMA, Golf, and more, it’s become a staple for many athletes everywhere. Beam has set their eyes on a big year in 2020 and it’s no surprise. Their marketing is more than exceptional as they know their demographic insanely well.

Beam CBD in 2020 – What to look out for…

  • More sponsored athletes with huge followings like Mat Fraser, Tia-Claire Toomey, Brooke Wells, and more.
  • More products that are suited for better recovery, nutrition, and overall well-being.
  • Pop-up stores in different cities to raise awareness about their products.
  • Visit their physical brick and mortar in Austin, TX.
  • Follow Beam on Instagram!
  • Visit Beam’s website here.

Feals CBD

There are certain aspects that make or break a quality CBD brand. Feals has all the right ingredients to make a quality product, brand, and story to go along with it. In a time where everyone has a CBD company, Feals stands out with unique products and delivery systems that will make consuming CBD easier for you.

Why we like Feals CBD…

  • Feals CBD is focused on just CBD oil. No catalog of 20 different CBD products, just one to make you feel a difference in your health.
  • Feals’ “Discover Your Strength” package is a great way to find the correct CBD dosage for you. With vials that contain 40mg, 80mg, 160mg, you’re bound to find the correct dosage that suits your well-being.
  • High reviewed. With proper branding and marketing in place, this company cares about their reputation.
  • Visit Feals’ Website here.
  • Visit Feals’ Instagram here.

Spruce CBD

Spruce CBD is also another company that just focuses on just a few products. Spruce is a company that produces high quality, full spectrum CBD oil, a CBD topical cream, and a CBD oil for dogs. That’s it. Like I said above, by focusing on just a few products, companies like these show us that they really care about quality and nothing else.

Why we like Spruce CBD…

  • Two strength options for their full spectrum CBD: 750mg and 2500mg (Peppermint flavored). The 750mg is the perfect daily dose for your supplement routine delivering 25mg per tincture.
  • One of the best full spectrum oils we’ve tried!
  • Plentiful of great reviews on their website.
  • Visit Spruce’s website here.
  • Visit Spruce’s Instagram.

Cornbread Hemp

 The man known for chronicling the war against marijuana in Kentucky now says he is getting into the hemp business. Author and journalist Jim Higdon told the story of a Kentucky-based criminal marijuana syndicate in his 2013 book, “Cornbread Mafia.” When someone so close to the industry gets into the hemp business, you know the products will be top notch. Cornbread Hemp’s hemp plants are grown in Kentucky, one of the best places to produce these crops. All of their products are also USDA Certified, a huge plus in our book.

Why we like Cornbread Hemp…

  • USDA Organic Certified – not many companies go through the process to get this stamp of approval.
  • Offers high quality CBD oils made with organic carrier oils.
  • Expect a review in 2020.

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